What is a Run Leader?


A Run Leader is not just someone who turns up 2 minutes before a training session and runs at the front of the group doing their own thing.  A Leader needs to plan, risk assess, co-ordinate, lead, manage, support, recruit and motivate on every session held.


Responsibilities of a Run Leader


As a fully qualified Run Leader via UKA, Washington Running Club expect you to adhere to the following guidelines: -


  • Hold an up to date DBS
  • To be committed for the foreseeable future to WRC.
  • On each run carry a mobile phone and an emergency first aid kit.
  • Have access to all Leaders contacts in case of an emergency. (see below)
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to session start to carry out register and any instructions where necessary.
  • Make note of number of runners in group.
  • WRC where possible are committed to having at least 2 Run Leaders per group. When this is not possible, a more experienced runner should be approached to help out.
  • If a designated Run Leader for a Sunday, co-ordinate with fellow Run Leader to plan a suitable route for that day. If possible, this should be provisionally agreed as to allow information to be posted on the Friday.
  • Lead group at set pace, with a Run Leader ideally at the front (controlling the pace) and one at the back (ensuring no-one gets left behind)
  • To understand that a runner can choose whatever group they like, as long as they understand and agree to the pace being set by the Run Leader.
  • While we always hope that a Run Leader still benefits from the session, they a predominately there to aid and encourage their group which in turn can sometimes retract from your own training and goals.
  • If a re-group is required then where possible the front loop to the back, thus ensuring constant running and not leaving the slower runners feeling inadequate knowing people have stopped to wait for them.
  • Offer constant encouragement
  • It’s good to talk (when possible!)
  • Act with dignity and good manners towards others at all times.
  • Encourage runners who are excelling in their current group to move up a group. This is the whole ethos of what we are trying to achieve, constant improvement with our runners.
  • If there is indeed an injury, ensure said member is escorted back to Biddick Academy or the nearest safest possible location.
  • In winter months, it is imperative that ALL Run Leaders have head torches, lead by example and wear the correct reflective clothing on all evening sessions.
  • All Run Leaders should encourage runners to complete a warm-up beforehand and stretches after a run.