This Thursday will see the Second Round in this seasons Handicap Race.

For those who ran the first one then you are now in a position to start gaining points by improving on your previous time.

For the runners doing it for the first time then you will be using this run as a marker for future runs to be measured against.

If running for the first time you will need a bib number so could you please if possible turn up 5 minutes earlier so we can allocate you one, runners off the first race don’t forget to bring yours!

Below is a list of who ran and their times.

As usual please meet at Biddick Academy for 7 pm start and if using school car park please remember your £1.


Derek Trueman

Craig Smith 00:21:05
Stephen Waistell 00:21:07
Kathryn Common 00:21:56
Julieann Castling 00:22:38
Ian Burns 00:22:57
Alex Charlton 00:23:04
John-Paul Nesbitt 00:23:25
Steve Milburn 00:23:57
John Anderson 00:24:38
Rebecca Swindalls 00:24:56
Felicity Conlon 00:25:09
Stesh Middlemiss 00:25:11
Neill Stephenson 00:25:27
Katherine Dodds 00:25:40
Ian Horner 00:26:26
Laura Park 00:27:13
Carol Mcneill 00:27:18
Kelly Middlemiss 00:27:22
Aisha Mistry 00:27:24
Joanna Mcneill 00:27:57
Gayle Thompson 00:28:08
Claire Moss 00:28:19
Paul Reid 00:28:25
Rosy Mann 00:28:41
Simon Hurley 00:28:58
Victoria Ferguson 00:29:10
Leanne Diamond 00:29:11
Laura Mcvittie 00:29:27
Julie Barrett 00:29:41
Catherine Tilson 00:30:04
Somayeh Fenn 00:30:08
Melanie Taylor 00:30:11
Donna Wright 00:30:19
Emma Bowens 00:30:26
Christine Sparkle 00:30:38
Debbie Tait 00:30:44
Ashleigh Atkinson 00:31:08
Sandra Dodds 00:31:41
Sazi Ndlovu 00:32:39
Sharon Simpson 00:32:39
Toni Burns 00:34:14
Claire Morgan 00:35:08
Carol Green 00:37:54
Karen Barella 00:37:54
Donna Nelson 00:39:31