Thursday 8th August Trainer Test...

on Thursday so please take the time to read what is also happening.

*** Adidas Demonstration Shoes ***

This Thursday's club session gives members the chance to try a new pair of Adidas road shoes courtesy of Danielle Watts from Adidas.

Danielle will be in the car park setting up from 6 and will bring road shoes to suit motion control, cushioned and stability foot types. You can't buy shoes from her so there's no hard sell, she's just looking for people to try them out during the session and give feedback at the end. She's particularly interested in people who've been loyal to a different brand giving Adidas a go and seeing how they compare.

If you like the shoes you try during the session she has discount codes available that are accepted at Start Fitness and via Adidas's online store.

If you want to take part in the trial then please be sure to arrive early so you can get yourself sorted out, get registered with us and our session can start on time.

Additionally, a gentleman called Michael Briggs will be making a guest appearance, making a video for his blog. While you donā€™t have to get involved he will be hoping that some of us will help out, answering various questions etc about why we all enjoy runningšŸ˜Š

And finally the boring bit, the training.

Group 1 Run LeadersĀ George HardenĀ andĀ Tim Jones

Asda Loops - Tempo work

Group 2 Run LeadersĀ Anthony Forster,Ā Steve MilburnĀ andĀ Dan Lawson

Corgi Pond Trio - Mixture of Hills, Sprints and Tempo work

Group 3/4 Run LeadersĀ Debra Stott,Ā Keith Thompson,Ā Catriona LingwoodandĀ Phil Lingwood

Prinny Anne Park Trio

Mixture of Hill, Sprints and Tempo

Please meet for 7pm start, however, if you would like to be involved in the extra activities then Danielle from Adidas will be there from 6pm.
And donā€™t forget Ā£1 if parking in school car park.