*** Thursday’s Session ***

4 options for this week:

G1 Run Leader Tim Jones
Segment Hunt

G2 Run Leaders Anthony Forster and Steve Milburn

Sainsbury’s sprints

G3/4 (beginners) Run Leaders Joanne Butterworth and Chris Clark

Hill work in Princess Anne Park

Additionally David Sore is leading a Pier to Pier part recce. This will involve a total of approximately 8 miles, starting at South Shields and running the first 4 miles then heading back to the start.

For this run please meet at the earlier time of 6:30 at Biddick Academy.

If you are interested in this could you please comment on Facebook so David has an idea on numbers and to organise car sharing.

For everything else please meet as normal at Biddick Academy for 7pm start and please remember high viz gear and head torches for all the groups.