There are various options for this Sunday so read this carefully!!😊

Group 1 Run Leader TBC
Northern Spire route 
Approx 12 miles @ 8-9 min mile

Group 2 Run Leaders Felicity Conlon & Louise Gradon
Northern Spire route
Approx 12 miles @ 9-10 min mile 

Group 3 Run Leader Joanne Butterworth 
River Trail Run
6-8 miles @ 10+ min mile

Group 4 Run Leaders Andrew Cooling & Keith Thompson
Trail Run on the Penshaw side
Easy pace with plenty of re-grouping

Additionally we have the following happening as well:-

8am – Chris Clark will be doing the Penshaw HM. Running at 10+ min mile pace.
Meet at the base of Penshaw Monument or contact Chris Clark for further details.

8am – David Sore will be doing an easy 60 minute run prior to the main session if anyone wants extra miles.
Meet at Biddick Academy

9 am – Paul Roddy will be doing a 10 mile loop, however, he is in marathon training so you must be prepared to run very much sub 8 min mile pace to keep up.

For normal club session please meet at Biddick Academy for 9am start and if using school car park please remember your £1.