We have 5 options for this Sunday.

Group 1 – Run Leader and route TBC

Group 2 – Run Leaders Keith Tilmouth and Felicity Conlon

Elba Park loop – Approximately 10 miles at 8 -10 min mile pace

Group 3 – Run Leaders Derek Trueman and Chris Clark

Approximately 6 miles of the Angel View route. We will be joining the GNR Group for part of this run.

Pace will be 10+ min mile pace in-line with GNR Group.

Beginners Group – Run Leaders Catriona Lingwood and George Harden

An easy 60-minute run with plenty of re-grouping.

GNR Group – Run Leaders David Sore and Jo Mitchinson

Approximately 11 miles of the Angel View route. Pace will be 10+ min mile.

For all groups please meet at Biddick Academy for a 9am start and if using school car park please remember your £1.