Handicap 5k Race

The inaugural Washington Running Club Handicap race will commence In March and will run through to November, with a race being organised every month. To give everyone a chance, these races will be a combination of both Thursdays and Sundays and can be incorporated into a long run if done on a Sunday.

This race format is a great way to gauge your improvement throughout the year and the competitive spirit between you all should keep things interesting all the way through.

Listed below are a few points regarding the format :-

Season will run March to November

  • A total of 9 races, with 7 counting. Your fastest and slowest race will be scratched off if you run over the allotted amount.

  • The club will be split into Leagues using the same criteria as the Grand Prix. This is to allow a more balanced playing field, the slower/newer runners have the potential for the greatest improvements thus gaining a lot of points whereas the fastest runners may only have marginal gains. This allows runners to compete within their own class and have a chance of being competitive throughout the season.

As with the Grand Prix, therewill be an optout option for all members who do not wish to take part in this event.

  • Scoring is +1 point for every second you are faster than your previous run and -1 point for every second you are slower.

  • The divisions will be split according to your times achieved:Division 1 (17:00 – 22:00) Division2 (22:01 – 26:30) Division3 (26:31 – onwards).  You will only be competing against fellow runners within your Division as the disparity of points will be pretty large between each division.

Trophies will be handed out for Male/Female winners of each Division. 6 in total.

Those you have only ran the course once won't be included in the tables as your first run counts as your base time. Once your second run is complete you will earn your first points.