We're back from Thursday April 1st...

We're pleased to say that the club will be restarting our Thursday and Sunday sessions and so the club will be up and running again from this Thursday 1st April! We recognise that it's better for people's mental wellbeing to run in controlled safe groups and so that's what we're going to do.
The club is legally allowed to operate with groups greater than 6, as long as we do so in a Covid secure environment. This was the arrangement we had previously of pre-booking onto a session, so agreeing that you were symptom free, no positive tests etc, and groups meeting in separate areas to keep numbers down. We won't be allowing people to turn up who haven't booked in with a group, and we'll be working on no more than 12 runners to 1 run leader, so session availability is going to be run leader dependent as it always has been.
What we'd like to stress is that the social distancing 2m requirement during running must be followed, otherwise members of the group are in close contact. If you're in close contact then there's a potential to self isolate should anybody develop symptoms and test positive. Running less than 2m apart also reflects badly on us as a club in front of the public.
A copy of the England Athletics 2021 Roadmap that we're following is shown below for everybody's benefit.
Everybody's circumstances are different and not every club run leader will be comfortable leading a session in the current environment, so we're reliant on those who are happy to do so. For those who do volunteer to help out we're very grateful.
Looking forward to seeing you back at the club very soon!

You can book onto the latest club session by visiting eventbrite. Click the logo to see what's coming up next. Please note only club members can attend the official sessions.

WRC Covid Road map