C25K: Couch to 5K 2019

WRC C25K is now underway...

Washington Running Club are proud to announce their second Couch to 5k programme begun on Tuesday 9th April 2019 with over 80 entries and end with a Riverside Parkrun on Saturday 8th June 2019.

The sessions will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm and Sunday at 8:15 am from Biddick Academy. The course was limited to 100 spaces on a first come first serve basis from 1st March 2019.

So, first things first: You might simply be wondering, “How far is a 5K?” A 5K is five kilometers or 3.1 miles—and completing a race of this distance is well within your reach.

Many newcomers to running become discouraged by the difficulty associated with the activity because they start too fast and push too hard. Their bodies push back and they end up resenting running or get injured. Our couch to 5K group isn’t just intent on getting you to a race day, it has been specifically designed to instill a love of running, our coaches will be on hand to chat about form and breathing as well as passing on experience on all other aspects of running.

With little or no running background whatsoever, Couch to 5K will transform you from couch potato to regular runner—one that can even exceed 3.1 miles—in just two months.

Each session should take around 30 minutes, three times per week. Be sure to build in rest days between run days to allow your body to recover. Better, more thorough recovery will only aid in your process to becoming a better runner.

Also if your worried about missing the odd session you can always make up a session here and there on your own but its important you stick to the plan to maximise your success.

Sofa WRC