Biddick car park locked

Important Parking Annoucement

Biddick Academy Parking

We have been informed this week that the existing arrangement for parking at Biddick Academy for our regular training sessions has been terminated.

This is because the school no longer has an on-site caretaker.

Whilst we can still park at the school on a weeknight session this is dependent on the 3G football pitches being booked which will keep the car park open until 9:10pm. At present the pitches are booked indefinitely so in theory we should not have an issue. However, Biddick have stated if, for whatever reason they need to shut the car park early (Bookings being cancelled at short notice), then they will lock the car park without warning us.

While this situation will hopefully never happen, members need to be aware they are parking at their own risk and WRC have no control over this matter and cannot be held responsible for the school's actions.

On a Sunday the gates will be locked so in the interim, each group will meet in a different location which will be posted in advance.

As this situation is far from ideal, we are actively seeking an alternative meeting venue. We will post the meeting locations before each run so everyone is clear. We will keep you up to date with progress and please feel free to suggest suitable alternatives.